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    19 Jan 1937 - 08 Nov 2009

    Pianoflyboy was Dennis Enari, the keyboard/piano power behind the LCF Wright Stuff Jazz Band. Beloved father, uncle, brother, cousin, and grandfather, many loved him.

    In my "blue suede shoes" days...Pic taken April 30, 1976
    Mostly this is a site to promote the LaCanada/Flintridge LCF Wright Stuff Jazz Band a.k.a. Oak Grove Jazz Band and> Sweet'n Low Jazz Band, to show off my digital music, pictures of my family, and pictures of myself as a boy and in the USAF.

    About the background music: The Entertainer. Composed by Scott Joplin. Instruments by D. Enari. Clarinet and tuba composed and arranged by D. Enari.

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