And now another tune to daydream by Pianoflyboy, Dennis Enari.

1ST OPUS This was the first ever written. It's the corny one as opposed to 3 opus. The second one is a jazz tune which is incomplete.
Corny tune in the classical sense done on a cheap s/w. Wrote each note as I went along and didn't go back on it.
Opus 4
A short tune composed by Dennis Enari.
Opus 5
A little foot stomping traveling music composed and arranged by Dennis with piano, flute, banjo and percussion instruments.
Opus 6
Composed and arranged by D. Enari with Oooh Choir, Orchestra Harp, Celesta and Echoes. Dedicated to my daughters Beth and Kira.

Another original piece with piano, baritone sax, clarinet and block composed by D. Enari.
Happy Music Box
A short tune composed by Dennis Enari.
Title: Ja Da, Written by: Bob Carlton, Instruments by: Dennis Enari:
Piano, Banjo, Tuba and Tinkle Bell on 5 voice tracks..

Instrumental intro the famous Fiddler on the Roof theme. I played around with the instrumentation and sound levels of various instruments.
Small World
Composed by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. Clarinet, Music Box, Tuba and Piano. Clarinet and Tuba composed by D. Enari.
Wizard of Oz
"We're Off To See The Wizard" composed by Harold Arlen. French Horn and Steel Drums composed by D. Enari. Piano, French Horn and Steel Drums midi music by D.Enari

The music was written with Music Time s/w ver.2.0 by Passport in the internal-synth mode using the computer keyboard to annotate each note.
Writing one note at a time including chords was quicker than manually drawing notes on blank music staff paper but it was still a labor. These pieces are experimental only, and I hope to get some more serious pieces written soon.